This section is still a work in progress, check back soon!

IVY is the home of MaasSAC sports-climbing! Situated in the small town of Sittard, it is the biggest climbing hall in the Benelux. This is the place where you can show your top-rope and lead-climbing skills on various routes ranging from the 2nd all the way to the 8th grade for the real professionals. The best part? As a MaasSAC member, you climb for free on Thursdays! Join our MaasSAC Carpool on Facebook to organize a ride; costs are always shared between members (2-3€ both ways). If you have your IV-license, you can rent a rope there and lead climb, otherwise bring your own! The MaasSAC ropes cannot be rented for indoor lead-climbing.

Since the completion of the new UM sports center, Maastricht University has a small but useful climbing wall! The wall gives you the chance to climb whenever you want and in between studying sessions. On Mondays, the wall is reserved for MaasSAC members exclusively. If it gets too crowded on Monday, you can kindly ask non-MaasSAC members to leave. However, if not all the routes are taken, try to work something out!

Interested in building climbing routes? Contact the route-building committee of MaasSAC!