At the beginning of each semester, we offer our new members the opportunity to follow an indoor top-rope course at our climbing wall at the UM sports center. Under the supervision of our climbing-instructors, which are all members themselves, you get to know the basic knots, belaying techniques and for the first time you will lift your feet off the ground to scale a sports-climb! The course consists of four evenings of which one will be the exam-night. But no need to worry, you will be prepared if you follow all the lessons! Climbers with previous experience will have the chance to take the exam earlier if the responsible instructors agree on that. Besides that, they have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge, so participation is always fun! Please note: This course is mandatory if you wish to join the introduction-weekend, which takes places shortly after the IT-course.

What will you need? Motivation to enter the beautiful world of indoor climbing! MaasSAC will provide you with the material, instructors and everything else you need. The course fee is included in your membership.

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the KlimOp committee!

If you successfully passed the IT-course and already gained some experience belaying and climbing in a top-rope situation, this is the next step in your climbing career! For members that fit this profile, MaasSAC twice a year offers an indoor-lead climbing course. Compared to top-roping, lead climbing involves different rope-handling techniques, both from the climber and the belayer. Starting from the ground, you take the rope up with you, clipping it into protection bolts as you go up. Instead of taking in rope, the job of the belayer is to feed out rope in order for the climber to get higher. We do not want to give away too much, but lead climbing is both a new challenge for body and mind. It opens up new opportunities in the climbing world; after passing the course you are not restricted to top-rope routes anymore, you will know what it´s like to safely fall and the achievement feeling of clipping the top-bolts of a route is incomparable to everything you have experienced before! To attend this course, you should be able to onsight a 5c on toprope with relative ease.

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the KlimOp committee!

The weather is getting better, the latest climbing movies totally blew your mind and you feel like it is finally time to get outside? Not so fast! Outdoor and indoor climbing is like day and night. How do you get down after finishing a route? Surprise, there are no carabiners on the top! How do I know which route to follow? You can´t help it but you don´t seem to find colored holds that indicate your route… This and many more scenarios pose new challenges to climbers new to the outdoor world. But no need to worry! MaasSAC and its instructors have all the knowledge to teach you how to safely climb outdoors. Even better, after you know how to sports-climb outdoors, they will teach you how to ascend routes that are 80, 100 or even 1000 meters long. Multi-pitching is a technique that allows climbers to scale the highest faces on the planet. Do you want to find out more? Then join the OV-course!

Since there are no mountains in the Netherlands, the OV course will take you to the beautiful mountain areas around Namur, Belgium. With a total of four overnight weekends, it is an intense experience in which you will learn to multi-pitch and outdoor- lead climb.

The costs of the course will be around 350€, this includes transportation, food, shelter and climbing-love. Members taking part in this course will need to have their own equipment, including harness, belay device and slings. Please note: You have to have your IT and IV license in order to follow this course.

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the KlimOp committee!

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