Want to become a MaasSAC member? Great! Due to the massive influx of new students every year, subscribing is only possible at the start of each semester. If you have a question about becoming a member and can’t find the answer at at the FAQ, contact us at info@maassac.nl

The subscription period is closed for now, come back in September 2020 to sign up for MaasSAC again 🙂


  • Free bouldering at Graviton Bouldergym in Sittard on Tuesdays.
  • Free climbing at Ivy-climbing in Sittard on Thursdays.
  • Free indoor top-rope course for first year members.
  • Cheap but excellent quality courses given by our certified instructors.
  • Climbing, alpinism and skiing trips.
  • Never running out of people to climb with.
  • Social events!
  • The UM Sport ‘SPORTS’ membership, also allows you to climb at the UM Sport Climbing wall for free.

Besides the UM Sports membership fee, we have a few of our own. Costs are mainly used to cover the maintenance and purchase of material, reimbursing instructors and expenses for trips such as petrol and groceries. As a student association, we provide complete transparency in our income and expenditures and operate as a non-profit.


  • First Year Membership€70.-

    €20.- is used for administration, the mandatory toprope course and an official MaasSAC t-shirt.

  • First Semester Membership€50.-

    €10.- is used for administration, the mandatory toprope course and an official MaasSAC t-shirt

  • Normal Year Membership€50.-

    The basic membership after your first year.

  • Normal Semester Membership€30.-

    E.g. for when you have to take a semester off.

  • Supporting Member€30.-

    When you leave the association, you can support us by donating a small yearly amount, which we also use to organize fun events for old members!

  • UM Sport ‘SPORTS’ Membership

    As MaasSAC’s main sponsor, this membership is mandatory and checked periodically. You can get it through the UM Sports web shop by clicking here.

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  • Indoor TopropeFree

    Is included in the first year membership and mandatory for all new members!

  • Indoor Lead€25.-

    An advanced course, taught by our certified instructors, teaching you how to lead climb and belay safely.

  • Outdoor Multipitch*€250.-

    The pinnacle of climbing, taught by our certified instructors, teaching you everything you need to know to safely climb independently in the great outdoors! The course is given once per year in the second semester and is spread over various weekends.

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*Prices are subject to change, please check the corresponding sign up forms for the final price.


  • Introweekend*€50.-

    Once or twice per year, we offer the opportunity for new members to get to know each other and the association, giving them a sneak peak into climbing outdoors.

  • Fontainebleau*€200.-

    Once or twice per year, we go for a weekend to the fabled forest of Fontainebleau to boulder.

  • Les Calanques*€350.-

    Once per winter, we head out to the south of france to escape the cold and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Les Calanques.

  • Mountaineering Insurance~

    If you wish to join us on outdoor climbing activities (excluding the introduction weekend), the NKBV(Dutch national nountaineering association), requires you to be insured any accidents that may happen outdoors. We highly recommend the very comprehensive and cost-friendly NKBV travel insurance but also DAV, KBF and potentially others are accepted aswell.

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*Prices are subject to change, please check the corresponding sign up forms for the final price.

Bank details

Costs and memberhip fees can be transferred to our bank account with the following details:

IBAN: NL81 ABNA 0467 8566 80


Name: Maastrichtse Studenten Alpen Club


If you’ve got any questions regarding finances, send an email to treasurer@maassac.nl.

Want to end your membership?

If you wish to end your Membership with MaasSAC, please inform us by sending a mail prior to the start of the new semester to secretary@maassac.nl.

The deadline is the first of September of the year. If we are not notified by your cancellation prior to this date, you will automatically be subscribed for another year. This is mainly due to UM Sport’s deadline and subsidy.

All important dates of the introduction period of Spring 2019 are listed below. Make sure to reserve the dates, because in some cases spots are limited (IT course). Your attendance is obligatory for the Indoor Toprope course and one of the social events (Pubquiz, Speed Dating). If attendance at one of these dates really is impossible for you, please send a mail to secretary@maassac.nl. You can also check the calender here.

    • Subscription period:
      01/02/2019 – 01/03/2019

    • TRY 5: 04/02 & 18/02; 19:00h – 21:00hFind us at the climbing wall in UMSports. Afterwards you can join us for a drink to get to know MaasSAC better. It will only be possible to climb with us if you get a TryOut card at the UMSports front desk. Choose wisely! The TryOut card is only valid for one activity. More info hereCosts: free
    • Bouldering try out: 12/02 & 26/02 @Radium Bouldergym, 18:30hWe will be hosting try out days at a local Bouldergym. Join us for a drink afterwards!For more information on costs and location check the MaasSAC Facebook events.
    • MaasSAC Pubquiz: 13/02; 20:00h-23:00h; location: to be determined!More info here
    • MaasSAC Speed Dating: 27/02; time & location to be determined!Keep an eye on the MaasSAC facebook page!
    • Indoor Toprope course:During march and april all new members are required to follow our indoor toprope course if they do not have a valid NKBV climbing license. During this course you’ll learn all the basic skills of climbing and belaying safely indoors. After your subscription is finalized, you’ll be invited to subscribe for one of two groups. There are 4 time slots:
      • Monday (18/03, 25/03, 08/04, 15/04) 18:30-20:00
      • Monday (18/03, 25/03, 08/04, 15/04) 20:30-22:00

      To pass the exam, it’s mandatory to have followed atleast 4 lessons. All MaasSAC members are required to have an Indoor Toprope License. If you’re unable to be present and pass the course, you are required to follow a course somewhere else.

      Costs: included in the first year membership.