Are you looking forward to a cool weekend trip to Fontainebleau, or want to climb in Berdorf? But you lack the necessary material? Look no further, we of the material committee don’t only take care of the equipment used in courses or trips, but also offer MaasSAC members the opportunity to rent material for a small fee! This can be done by asking the members of the material committee, granted, you have the proper experience/knowledge for certain materials.

As such we only rent ropes, carabiners, quickdraws, etc. to people with an Outdoor climbing (OV) license. However, the crash pads for bouldering are certainly available for rent without a license restriction. If you are not sure whether you can or cannot rent material, just want to rent material, or have some questions about material contact us at:

Currently the material committee consists of:

  • Kevin: studying the Master Artificial Intelligence
  • Joeri: studying the Master Human Movement Science
  • Conrad: currently fled from the other two to Portugal, under the guise of doing an internship, out of fear for Kevin and Joeri.

And last but not least we are always welcoming new members for the material committee! You are welcome, even if you don’t know much about material. Everything can be learned, and some we will learn together! Since we don’t know everything either…