Info about the intro weekend but not when and where, that’ll be on the join page or/and agenda.

The magical forest of Fontainebleau … Every boulderer’s dream destination is only around five hours away from Maastricht, our climbing base. Situated just out of Paris, Fontainebleau offers superb bouldering on sandstone rocks. Crimpers, slopers, dynos… Fontainebleau has it all! At least once a year, usually after the exams in October, a group of motivated MaasSACer´s equipped with crashpads, enough food and “beverages” takes the journey to France to enjoy three-days of adventure filled bouldering and hiking. Since there are no ropes involved, everyone motivated and eager to climb can join this trip!

The costs for this trip will be around 150€, this includes transportation, shelter and food. All you need is your own pair of climbing shoes, a bit of chalk and a towel. A towel? Yes, a towel!

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the KlimOp committee!

It is one of those days… You sit at home at your desk, studying as usual…it is raining… “If only I would live down south, where the weather is good and I could get some sun” you think to yourself. As always, MaasSAC has the solution to your problems! Come and join us to the National Park Calanques, just outside of Marseille! Every year during the carnival break, a group of almost 25 MaasSAC members take the long and exhausting journey down the “Autoroute De Soleil” to enjoy a week of sun, climbing and lots of wine! It is the absolute highlight of our year, we have our own house at the water in a beautiful location. After the long climbing days, we cook together, share the climbing stories of the day, watch a movie and simply enjoy life for a week!

Please note: In order to join this trip, you need to have your IV license!

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the KlimOp committee!

MaasSAC, together with all the other climbing associations in the Netherlands is part of the NSAC (Nederlandse Studenten Alpen Club). Through the NSAC, members of each association have the chance to take part in various courses in the Alps during summer. Under the supervision of instructors with mountain-experience, you get to know how to move safely in the mountains and also climb them!

Application for the courses usually starts around January of each year; the offered courses build on each other to slowly build your skill-set. In total, there are three courses you can follow: Beginners (C1), intermediate (C2) and advanced (C3).

For more information, please consult the website of the NSAC ( and keep yourself updated through Facebook and our meetings.

Besides this awesome opportunity, MaasSAC is motivated to organize a Base-Camp in the Alps each year, where members come together to enjoy a week filled with different activities. Please note: This is not an “official” event, so MaasSAC and its committees will not organize logistics and instructors. However, usually the Alpencie committee books a camping-spot in advance for everyone to be at the same place. From there on, you can go mountainbiking, climbing, hiking, you name it… So keep your ears and eyes open, usually when the weather gets better, our members start making plans for the summer.

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out to the Alpencie committee!